Completing a Waybill

Completing a Waybill


  • Charge to: Please indicate by ticking the box as to who is responsible for the payment. Sender or Receiver.
  • Payer Account Number: For payment of transport charges. To charge the shipment to your account, enter your account number here. Please be sure to enter the payers account number. If payers account number is not indicated, charges will be automatically invoiced to the senders account number.
  • Shipment Value: Sprint Couriers needs precise actual value of the goods.
  • Insurance: To arrange for insurance, please indicate the insured value of your shipment and tick on the Insurance box.


  • Contact name: Write the senders name and the full last name.
  • Company name: Write your company name and department.
  • Address: Write your complete address including post code.
  • Phone, Fax, Email: Telephone, fax number and e-mail; address are required.
  • Contact Mobile No: Mobile number to be provided. For delivery notification, please ensure that your e-mail / mobile number are stated in here.


  • Contact name: Please write the receivers contact name.
  • Company name: Fill in the company or the individual name .Write company name to where the parcel is going to.
  • Physical address: Fill in the complete address including post code, country.
  • Phone, fax and mobile: A telephone/ fax number and e-mail address are required. Note: Sprint Couriers cannot deliver to a P.O Box number.


  • Shipment details: Fill in the number of pieces in your shipment. The total weight must be rounded up to the nearest half a kilo and also indicate size of each piece in cm ( Length X Width X Height)


Dimensions = L (cm) X B (cm) X H (cm) = Volumetric Mass

Volumetric Factor = 5000


  • Full description of contents – Please give exact description of the contents and quantities.


  • Shippers Authorization ( signature) : The waybill must be signed and dated by the sender


  • Products and Services: Tick the box next to the service option you require. If other is required, please specify in the space provided.